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Archaeologists Find Underground Pyramid at Tiahuanaco in Bolivia, Excavations Planned Apr 1, 2015
The ancient fortress site of Tiahuanaco (Tiwanaku) in western Bolivia is still revealing secrets thousands of years after its peak as capital of an empire, and home to one of the most important civilizations prior to the Inca. Archaeologists from the... read more
Egyptian War Correspondents and the Biblical Giants Mar 24, 2015
... there exists an Egyptian relief (stone carving) that recounts Egypt’s battles under Ramses II against the Hittites near Kadesh. In the relief, we are told about the capture of two Shasu spies. Historians have debated the unusual size given to the... read more
Giant Human Jawbone Baffles Scientists Mar 11, 2015
Giant Human Jawbone Baffles Scientists/GEN 6 HEADLINES Inbox x Stephen Quayle 9:59 AM (5 minutes ago) to me Giant Human Jawbone Baffles Scientists Giant Human... read more
Cannibals. Human sacrifice. Have explorers finally found the fabled lost City of the Monkey God? Mar 6, 2015
Cannibals. Human sacrifice. Have explorers finally found the fabled lost City of the Monkey God? American explorer Theodore Morde claimed he had found mythical lost city Adventurers had been searching for La Ciudad Blanca for centuries... read more
Meeting mummy in the valley of the giants - China May 20, 2014
The skeleton of a young woman was one of the discoveries at Kungang tomb in Alar in the south of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. The tomb is renowned for its giant mummies. Archaeologists are examining claims that the area has long been home... read more
The Ain Dara Temple and the GIANT FOOTSTEP - in stone - of the Gods May 16, 2014
Ain Dara is a small village in the northwest of Aleppo, Syria, which boasts a remarkable structure – the Ain Dara Temple, located just west of the village. The temple was discovered in 1955, when a colossal basalt lion was found, quite accidentally,... read more
Have Egypt's long lost pyramids really been found on Google Earth? Read more: Jul 19, 2013
Historical maps show sandy mound may hide monument larger than Giza Sandy mounds discovered by an American scientist in the Egyptian desert are labelled as pyramids on 34 rare, antique maps Archaeology researcher Angela Micol's... read more
Is 'Siberian Stonehenge' really the birthplace of astronomy? Jun 4, 2013
Astonishing theory about remote spot 'used by stargazers 16,000 years ago. A Russian scientist believes a remote Siberian rock formation may be the first place that humanity began to follow the movements of the heavens. Sunduki, known as the Si... read more
Is this really human? Apr 24, 2013
Is this really human? DNA tests on six-inch skeleton of 'alien-looking' creature with over-sized head prove it was actually human claim scientists in new documentary... read more
Mystery Hill: America's Stonehenge? Apr 10, 2013
About 40 miles north of the city of Boston, and about 25 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean, is what appears to be the greatest, and perhaps oldest, megalithic enigma of North America. Mystery Hill, also known as "America's Stonehenge", is a sit... read more
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